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 A character rundown for myself

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PostSubject: A character rundown for myself   Sat Mar 07, 2009 1:44 pm

Ok all i thought id give a nice rundown of all my characters.... for my benifit as well lol. Been playing world of warcraft since it was released in 2004 so thought it wast time to see what ive been doing!

Ok here we go:-

Realm : ASZUNE : Behindya (will be played occasionally) (Undead Rouge)

Realm: DOOMHAMMER : Cfubar (a lvl 47 Dwarf Palidin) - no longer used

Realm: BOULDERFIST : Labotomised (lvl 18 Undead Rouge) - no longer played
Bulli (low lvl Tauren Warrior) - no longer used

Realm: THE MAELSTROM : Brick (lvl 32 Undead Warrior) - no longer played
Mestinks (lvl 34 Troll Hunter) - no longer used

Realm: FROSTWHISPER : Tarnowl (Lvl 32 Night elf Hunter) - no longer used
Cfubar (lvl 25 Palidin) - no longer played

Realm: LAUGHING SKULL : Gotrex (lvl 48 dwarf Pally) - no longer played - I think this was my First ever serious character!!

Realm: HELLFIRE : Cfubar (lvl 70 Blood elf Pally) - still played occasionally
Tuski (lvl 58 Troll Hunter) - not played
Warfoobs (lvl 9 undead warrior) - not played
Behindya (lvl 66 Undead Rouge) - played occasionally

My current two main characters are both on HELFIRE and are Alliance : Foobz : lvl 20 Palidin (dwarf)
Foobette lvl 64 Rouge (human)

(levels are correct at time of writing)

There were other characters which ive deleted through the years and there are some others which i havent mentioned as they never got past lvl 10 , im hoping im settled on the two i mainly play now , plus as i mentioned i will also be using a third character on ASZUNE to quest some with my cousin who is new to wow (2 months ish). Ive not yet bought Lich King which is why 70 is my highest lvl.

You guys feel free to add your own lists if you want.


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A character rundown for myself
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