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 HowTo install addons (ALPHA)

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PostSubject: HowTo install addons (ALPHA)   Thu Mar 13, 2008 12:00 pm

OK, I will try to do a short guide on howto install wow addons:

First, download your addon from one of the sites below (these are the main bigger sites):

The downloaded file should be compressed in either ZIP or RAR format, eg file ends with .zip or .rar (example

Do not download files that ends with .com or .exe from the addon sites unless you have a really good antivirus&malware protection on your computer (and you need to know what to do aswell)!!! Huge risk for viruses, keyloggers, spyware etc in .com and .exe files, even thou they come from well known sites.

You now need a program to unpack/uncompress the file, and WinRar is one example of programs.
Download WinRar at , double click on the file to install it on your PC.

Double click on your addon file (.zip or .rar), and you should get a Winrar window with the addon folder(s).

On your desktop you have an icon My Computer, double click and go to your WoW folder (C:\PROGRAM FILES\WORLD OF WARCRAFT\)

This is the place where you save all your wow addons!!

Now, back to the Winrar window, leftclick and drag the addon folder(s) to your ADDON folder.

Ok, so now the addon is installed, close all windows and start WoW and go to the Addons screen and enable it for your chars! Very Happy

You should also read about the addon at the websites above or in a readme.txt file, on howto configure it, what commands to use etc.

All your configuring of the addon will normally be saved in another folder, C:\PROGRAM FILES\WORLD OF WARCRAFT\WTF\Account\YourAccountName\SavedVariables\
You will find the same addon name here, where the file ends with .lua (.lua.bak are backup files)
Normally you wouldnt touch these files, but sometimes things go wrong, or the addon maker did a lousy job, so you might have to delete the "addon".lua file (eg resetting the addon to default/startup state). This can also be the case when installing big new patches or expansions.

GL & HF ! Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: HowTo install addons (ALPHA)   Thu Mar 13, 2008 5:02 pm

Thanks for doing this xexy , much appreciated and a very good guide.
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HowTo install addons (ALPHA)
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