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 HowTo Addons 2

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PostSubject: HowTo Addons 2   Sat Mar 15, 2008 5:06 pm

It might not be advanced for some of you, but atleast its not for beginners.

If youre an addon freak like me, with 100+ addons installed (not using all at the same time, some addons are class specific), then you really need smart and well written addons.
Especially in the past but also today many addons arent created in a best way, the code is usually spaghetti like, and lots of the addons overlap eachother in functionality, and each addon have their own way of doing things. This creates huge memory need, which ofcourse will have an impact on your fps (eg in intense areas like Shatt or Orgri) and your computer goes into slowmode (this will also happen in instances).
Its also a mess to keep all addons updated, especially when new patches arrive.

So, what to do?

Well, thank god thaht we have some smart software developers, and some of them gathered together and created a system or a collection of libraries to be used in addons to improve performance, improve modularity and with common functionality in one place.
Ace is the name of the collection, and at the moment Ace2 is the one most used, and Ace3 is in alpha/beta stage.

Over 80% of my addons uses Ace2 libraries, got a few using Ace3 libraries and few addons not using Ace at all (its ok because those addons are well written).
I'm below 48Mb in memory usage today, coming down from almost using 100Mb (I have a fast computer, but I still felt the fps drop), and with more addons enabled.

So, where can I get these fantastic addons with their Ace libraries?
See Websites below, they are the main ones, you can sometimes find them on and too.

Each Ace'd addon comes with a Libs folder with necessary Libs for the addon itself.
It will take some more diskspace (below 10Mb for me), because each addon needs its libraries. But it wont affect your memory usage, its smart enough to see that is has been loaded by other addons. Some libraries only load into your memory when you use the addon for the first time during your session.

Popular Ace'd Addons
Fubar, its like titan panel, giving you a windows status bar alike, with lots of Fubar addon posibilities. There are plenty of Fubar addons that adds functionality
<insert picture of Zoxx Fubar>
Omen, threat meter
Cartographer, map addons
Violation, dmg/healing meter
Prat, chat addon
Atlasloot, map/item addon

Automatic Downloading latest versions
I use a program called WowAceUpdater to update all my Ace'd addons, its updating all +100 in a few mouse clicks, incl downloading, unpacking/uncompressing and installing them in the right place. Please remember thou, these addons are many times in Beta mode, which means bugs, but hey, you really get cutting edge addons.

You can find the program here :
WowAceUpdater webpages also shows howto configure it.

WowAceUpdater is an executable file, and therefore make sure you have good antivirus and firewall software in place (Ive downloaded and used this program for almost a year now without any problems)

Use Libs in each addon folder or ech Lib separate? (Externals or No Externals?)
Read more about this on the WowAceUpdater webpage, its no difference in memory usage, it might differ in loading time

Websites with Ace'd addons this site holds all existing addons made public by their creators this site gives more information about Ace Another site with Ace'd addons and of course, use the forums when something isnt working Very Happy

ok that was part 2, maybe next part will be Howto wriate an addon Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: HowTo Addons 2   Sun Mar 16, 2008 1:08 pm

Once again an excellent post mate, we are very grateful for your input .


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PostSubject: add ons   Tue Mar 18, 2008 3:45 am

well it all looks cool but im afraid my knowledge of downloading files etc. is zilch plus when i do download them i dont no wht to do next or where to put them lol! bali or cfubar always does it for me, as im not an advanced pc freak like them. got to admit it all looks very glossy and nice study
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PostSubject: Re: HowTo Addons 2   

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HowTo Addons 2
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